Goodbye World

“Director Denis Henry Hennelly’s film… wears its heart on its sleeve, is engagingly performed, beautifully shot and always absorbing.” — Mark Adams, Screen International

“The strength of Goodbye World is that it understands the foibles of these characters and lets them be as flawed as they are while they are also trying to survive not just the apocalypse but each other.” — Katie Walsh, The Playlist at

"A heartfelt film that takes the overused theme of the world ending and makes it not only realistic (no explosions and earthquakes) but also funny. Goodbye World is a relatable, entertaining, must-see film that perfectly balances drama and humor, just like life itself." — Michele Daniels, Annex Man Magazine

"Goodbye World is an “answer” to the apocalypse genre with which America is so obsessed right now. It shoots down the idea that the failure of the systems that support us would automatically mean the end, that people will tear each other apart due to their supposed inherent savagery. It’s a refreshing and encouraging thing to see." — Dan Schindel, Screen Picks